Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Hyderabad: Papers missing in Heera Group case

Dr Nowhera Shaikh

Founder of the Heera Group, Dr Nowhera Shaikh claims the group had a turnover of Rs 5,000 crore in the last seven years, but she has produced no documents to prove her claim. Dr Shaikh also claims to have received 90 per cent profit from all the businesses of the Group, said investigators who are probing the money circulation scheme case booked against Dr Shaikh. Investigators from the central crime station said that Dr Shaikh has paid Rs 55 crore as Income Tax last year; however, she has failed to show her assets and ways of earning income.  She also claims to have owned a gold mine in Ghana, but no relevant documents pertaining to the sale of gold was shown by her.
“The turnover of her companies was shown as over Rs 800 crore in the last year, with the claim that all businesses have yielded about 90 per cent profit and she has paid 36 per cent profit to people who invested in her companies under various schemes,” said a senior police official from the detective department. The activities of the Heera Group have been under the scanner for a long time and several law enforcement agencies have been trying to identify the business methods of the group.  



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